Education Plan

Saving for education means that you are investing in a brighter future for your child.


Get a head start in your child’s career

All parents want the best for their children. At MCB Capital Markets, our highly skilled specialists work with you to plan your child’s future through an Education Plan tailored to your requirements.

Fund your children’s education today

Contribute as from Rs. 1000 per month
Make additional contributions anytime, or increase the amount of your contribution by a pre-determined percentage every year to keep up with inflation
Get expert advice from our seasoned specialists
Benefit from an exceptional life insurance cover. Your contributions will be taken care of in case of death or permanent disability of the contributor
Be eligible for an MCB Campus loan on preferential terms

*Subscription to the MCB Education Plan entails investment being made through the following funds established under the MCB Unit Trust:

MCB General Fund

MCB Yield Fund

MCB Domestic Equities Fund

MCB Overseas Fund