Cookie Policy

This policy tells you how we use cookies, why, and how this allows us to improve our service. It also informs you about the management of cookies stored on your device.

By using our websites - through any device - you agree that this 'Cookie Policy' applies to that use in addition to any other terms and conditions or policy, which may apply.

This 'Cookie Policy’ may be modified at any time to comply with applicable regulations or any changes on the functioning of our websites. Any such changes shall appear here and be effective immediately. Your continued use of our websites means that you agree to any such amendments.

  • Why do we use cookies?

Cookies are a convenient way to carry information from one session on a website to another. We use cookies in order to improve user experience by enabling the websites? To remember the user or to record the user's browsing activity.

Websites cannot gain access to information you didn't provide and they cannot access other files on your computer.

Whilst it is possible that information contained in cookies we use, could be made available to third party websites, MCB shall ensure that these shall not be voluntarily disclosed.

A cookie is a simple text file that is saved on your computer or mobile device, and which are designed to store a modest amount of information.

Writing data to a cookie is usually done when a new webpage is loaded that is, when you start browsing a website. Only our servers will be able to read the content of cookies sent by our websites.

Each cookie is unique to a web browser…

The lifetime of a cookie can vary depending on its purpose. Cookies can be deleted at any time by the user in the user settings. However, deleting some cookies can jeopardize the good behaviour of a website in certain cases. Also, note that since all cookies are browser specific, your preferences cannot be used if you access the website from a browser other than the one for which you set up cookies.

  • Types of Cookies

A cookie can be classified by its lifespan and the domain to which it belongs.

By lifespan, a cookie is either a session cookie which is deleted when the user closes the browser or persistent cookie which remains on computer/device for a pre-defined period of time.

As for the domain to which it belongs, there are either first-party cookies which we place on your device from our own websites or third-party cookies which are set by other websites/domains, other than ours.

  • Use of Cookies on our site

Strictly Necessary Cookies

Session Cookie

This is a temporary cookie that expires at the end of a browser session when you close your browser / when you leave the website. Session cookies do not collect information from your computer.

ASP.NET SessionId: This cookie is used for storing your session ID, which is used to recognize you as you navigate between pages during a single browser session and allow you to use the website most efficiently.

Language Cookie

This persistent cookie saves the language preference that you selected from your last browsing, and in subsequent visits, you will be served the website in that specific language.

However, remember your preferences cannot be used if you access the website from a browser other than the one for which you set up cookies.

Performance Cookies

Analytics Cookies

These cookies come from Google Analytics. Google Analytics set cookies to:

  • distinguish users/sessions
  • determine new sessions/visits
  • throttle request rate
  • store information about users’ sessions, traffic source and campaigns

These persistent cookies are used to establish the use and performance of our website, statistics, the volume of traffic and utilisation of the parts making up our website so that we can improve the relevance of our services. We also use these cookies to count the total number of adverts we display. Note that Google Analytics does not store any personally identifiable information in its cookies.

You can find more information here.

Other Third-Party Cookies

Sharing Cookie

Our website uses an online sharing tool (AddThis) which allow visitors to share content via Social Networks or email, with other people. This tool uses cookies to tell people where you have come from so that it can provide updates or links to pages of interest. The information collected does not store any details which could personally identify you.

YouTube Cookie

We embed videos from our official YouTube channel using YouTube’s privacy-enhanced mode. This mode will set cookies on your computer only once you click on the YouTube video player.

Google Maps Cookie

We embed Google Maps on various pages of our websites. The cookies set by embedded Google Maps appear to detect your preferences and record usage of Google's maps.

Google's privacy policy is available here.

  • Your options regarding cookies

Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies but may handle them differently.

However, you are free to control cookies’ behaviour on your device, as you wish. You can delete some or all cookies set by any website – including MCB websites – by adjusting the settings on each browser/device you use to access the Internet. You may also configure your browser settings to block or enable acceptance of specific cookies and from specific websites, or you may modify settings so to refuse cookies altogether.

Please note that although, you choose to disable cookies, you may find that certain sections of our websites do not work properly. MCB will not bear any responsibility for any consequences relating to improper functioning of our services where it results from our inability to save or consult cookies necessary for the functioning of those services.

If you have disabled some cookies, we may still use information collected from existing cookies saved, but we will not be able to use the disabled cookies to gather any further information.

To manage your cookies, you may refer to your browser's ‘help’ section.